Our Evolution

Since our inception in 2000, we’ve worked continuously to develop better and more effective ways to serve our clients. In the beginning, the company consisted of two divisions:

  • Retail Marketing Solutions, Inc. (RMS) provided consulting and advisory services and expertise.
  • North America Merchandising Services, Inc. (MSI) delivered high quality, customer-focused merchandising capabilities.

Every year has brought growth and change both to the industry, and to our clients’ needs and goals. Throughout this evolution, we found that the activities of our two divisions became increasingly intertwined. And, we recognized the increasing importance of ensuring all parts of the retail solutions we offered were based upon a shared goal.

Because our clients needed a customized, comprehensive solution designed to meet all of their needs, we merged our two original divisions into one efficient, effective entity:
Retail Merchandising Solutions, Inc.

The final result? One company, one approach, and your brand in place.