Knowledge is power. And data is king.

That’s why we’ve created an advanced client project reporting system that you won’t find with any other provider.

Everything we do is reported – in real time – by the people who are doing it. As our highly trained merchandisers complete a task, they enter the specifics into our online system using a tablet PC. This system has helped us closely manage our workforce and achieve unprecedented productivity levels which ultimately means  lower costs for our clients.

Our clients have real time access to any project data and digital photos we are collecting for them including stocking section, fixture details, and product adjacencies. And, since it’s your data, you can import it in the format that’s most useful to you.

It’s all available, any time, through our secure online Store Reporting System (SRS). This proprietary, web-based, retail deployment and information collection system is ours alone. SRS offers:

  • Information collection and reporting
  • Centralized task management
  • Digital photographs
  • Historical project data

The result is increased accuracy, greater efficiency, and a wealth of data that enables informed choices and illuminates improvements.

Click here for an overview of our Reporting Capabilities